Although Jennifer Lopez is irresistible, “Second Act” is not.

Maya Vargas (Jennifer Lopez) is smart, innovative and ready for the next step in her career. Unfortunately, she loses the job to a college-educated candidate. Frustrated that street smarts are not seen as valuable as book smarts, Maya sets out to prove everyone wrong as she embarks on a new journey or rather a “second act”.

In a time where the “chick flick” is in a renaissance, I had such high hopes for this new age Working Girl, but unfortunately, Second Act is too muddled to fully enjoy.

The story is all over the place bouncing from one fluffy plotline to the next, including a very predictable twist that derails the entire comedy, transforming into a sort of weepy melodrama. It’s strange. The saddest part is that all the solid jokes are wasted on the trailer – a huge pet peeve of mine.

If anything is to be commended, it is Jennifer Lopez, whose charm and charisma carries the film. Her character is worth rooting for mainly because Lopez makes her so relatable and real.

Lopez is truly one of the golden girls of romantic comedies, and it’s so nice to see her return to the genre. I just wish it were a better story.

I also thoroughly enjoyed her chemistry with onscreen and offscreen bestie, Leah Remini. Their banter made up for the rest of the film.

Final Thoughts: Not even a delightful Jennifer Lopez performance can save Second Act.

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