Deliciously devious and wickedly entertaining “The Favourite” is a sure favorite.

In early 18th century England, the fragile and ill Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) has the throne with her closest confidant, Sarah (Rachel Weisz) by her side to govern the country. All is well until a new servant, Abigail, (Emma Stone) arrives and charms her way into the heart of Anne in hopes of returning to her aristocratic roots. Sarah and Abigail go head to head in a vicious game of wits to remain the queen’s favorite.

The Favourite is hands down one of the most cleverly written films I have witnessed in a long time. It’s a rare period drama that shows the true juxtaposition of the times – beautiful surroundings with wicked people. There are so many quick-witted one-liners and the snappy dialogue that oozes with dark comedy and just plain meanness is devilishly delightful to watch on screen.

Obviously, the story would not have been as successful if it weren’t for the tour de force ensemble. The main trio of Anne, Abigail, and Sarah is acting at its finest. Each woman is not a protagonist worth rooting for, however, we get such pleasure in their temper tantrums, cruelty, and deceitfulness. Colman’s Anne, in particular, is a joy to watch on screen. Her performance as Queen Anne is pained yet hilarious to watch unfold.  I would not be surprised in Colman takes it all this awards season.

Final Thoughts: The Favourite is first rate production with fantastic performances and superb writing. This period piece will be a sure favorite at the awards circuit.

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