It may not be perfect but “Instant Family” will warm your heart.

Peter (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) decide to take the next steps in growing their family, entering the world of foster care adoption when they take in three siblings. Immediately put the the test, Peter and Ellie must learn the ropes of parenthood…instantly.

Instant Family has all the ingredients of a heartwarming and feel-good family dramedy. There are laughs. There are tears. And there are plenty of smiles. But overall, it’s the film’s honesty that was so refreshing.

The film may not capture all the complexities of foster care, but it does not shy away from some of the hard hitting topics. In fact there are several eye opening moments that will pull at your heart strings. However, there are all these tough scenes that even out these genuine comedic moments.

I was honestly surprised with how sweet Instant Family was and how much I enjoyed it. Wahlberg and Byrne have fantastic chemistry and impeccable comedic timing as new parents. They felt like a real family. Sometimes we need these films to appreciate our own families and realize how lucky we are to have each other.

Final Thoughts: Instant Family is a well intentioned, heartwarming and genuine film that’s great for the holiday season.

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