Smart and suspenseful, “CAM” is a fascinating psychological thriller

Meet Alice (Madeline Brewer). She’s just your everyday girl who also happens to be one of the most ambitious camgirls in the webcam porn industry. One day she discovers that her account has been hacked and that someone has replaced her with an exact replica. While the fake version of Alice begins to her online push boundaries to gain popularity, Alice is determined to discover who this person is and how to get her show back.

CAM is a truly interesting watch not only because of its success as a technology-driven psychological thriller but because gives a very feminist look into the world of webcam porn. This is because one of the co-writers, Isa Mazzei, is a former sex worker.

CAM does a fantastic job sharing this story 100% from Alice’s point of view, empowering sex workers rather than shaming them. It shows the realities of their world – the good, the glamorous and the plain old creepy. This angle would not have been successful if it wasn’t for Madeline Brewer’s excellent performance as Alice. She is fierce yet so relatable.

Although the film is refreshing, mysterious and overall, thought-provoking, it at times felt more like a Black Mirror episode than a standalone film. This is not a bad thing, but it did feel like it dove too far into the tropes of Black Mirror, which made the build-up way more exciting as the climax.

Final Thoughts: CAM is a fascinating and unique watch that shows the horrors of technology and the realities of webcam porn.

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