“Game Night” is a Surprisingly Fun Night Out

Max and Annie (Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams) are a competitive couple whose weekly game nights get an upgrade when Max’s brother, Brooks (Kyle Chandler), takes over, arranging a murder mystery party complete with a fake kidnapping and fake criminals. It’s all fun and games until the evening takes a wild and unexpected turn –Brooks ACTUALLY gets kidnapped.

With twists and turns around every corner and blurred lines between what’s real and what’s not, Game Night is a hilarious romp of a good time. Admittedly, I went into this film unsure what to expect but found myself laughing throughout and having a great time.

The eclectic and talented cast were the real winners of Game Night. Bateman and McAdams prove to be a charismatic and dynamic pair on screen. The supporting cast also delivers strong comedic punches. The true standout performance for me was Jesse Plemons, who plays the couple’s police officer neighbor. He is both unsettling, hilarious and heartfelt – all at the same time. He is a riot.

The story, written by Mark Perez, is not a cookie-cutter comedy or mystery. It is extremely original. Portions feel predictable and contrived, however, it is loaded with dark humor, intricate plot twists, and genuinely funny characters. The filmmaking is also eye-catching, especially the “pass the egg” sequence that has zero cuts and sends the audience flying around as quickly as the egg itself.

The most important part of any game night is to have fun, and Game Night does just that. It’s a film that’s sure to leave everyone smiling.

Final Thoughts: Don’t judge a game by its box. Game Night isn’t perfect but is a delightfully fun experience.

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