“Pitch Perfect 3” is Pretty Aca-awful

Follow the now-graduated Barden Bellas in the final chapter of their story, as they reunite overseas for a USO tour full of music and mayhem in Pitch Perfect 3.

I absolutely loved the original Pitch Perfect, however, this franchise is a pitch-perfect example of killing a good thing. What started as a fun, feel-good movie about a lovable group of awesome nerds singing acapella has spiraled out of control in the last two films, resulting in the (what I am hoping) final film – an hour and a half of me whispering, “whaaaaaaaat?” because I was so stunned by the pile of ridiculous nonsense occurring on screen. For example, the most unnecessary and ridiculous plot line involves Fat Amy and her estranged, criminal father kidnapping the Bellas. Yes. That is an ACTUAL plotline in the film. 

All negativity aside, I was relieved to see that the music is still strong and extremely enjoyable (with a really quirky rendition of Britney Spears’s “Toxic”). It is perhaps the only redeeming aspect of the film, aside from the dynamic comedy duo of John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks. 

Overall, Pitch Perfect 3 was an off pitch, hot mess. As a fan of the franchise, I was very disappointed in where the writers and directors have taken this story. It is deeply upsetting that a movie that was rich in female friendship and empowerment has transformed into cheap laughs and the same overused jokes about Rebel Wilson’s character, Fat Amy.

Final Thoughts: Pitch Perfect 3 is an encore nobody asked for. Skip it and just rewatch the first one.

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