“Call Me By Your Name” Captures the Pain & Passion In First Love

One of the most talked about films of the year, Call Me By Your Name explores the beauty and desire of a forbidden romance between Italian teenager, Elio, and Oliver, an American doctoral student staying with Elio’s family during the summer in the picturesque countryside of Italy.

Although the film is a tad lengthy, it is a captivating film with an absolutely stellar cast. Call Me By Your Name celebrates youth, sexual awakening, sorrow, and love.  Falling in love for the very first time is not a simple process. It is messy and complex. Although there is such an excitement and joy of first love, there is also heartbreak and disappointment. Call Me By Your Name encapsulates the authenticity of this experience and the result is heartwrenching, leading us to the final spellbinding moments of the film. The film’s finale is spectacular mostly in part to Timothée Chalamet’s exceptional performance as Elio.

No wonder everyone is raving about Timothée Chalamet. The 21-year-old is beyond impressive. Not only does his master three languages and the piano during this film, but his fearlessness to bare all emotions is extraordinary.  His chemistry with Armie Hammer is so natural and effortless, you too will fall in love.

However, Chalamaet pours his heart and soul on screen, he reminds us that lost love, although devastating, was not a waste. We should cherish the moments with those who have touched our lives and be thankful for those memories, realizing that they have helped shape who we are today.

Final Thoughts: Well crafted, sensual and genuine, Call Me By Your Name captures the pain, passion, and intimacy of one’s first love.

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