“The Disaster Artist” Paints a Comedic Masterpiece

The Room will stand the test of time as the Citizen Kane of bad movies.  When I say this is a bad movie, I mean it is AWFUL. Horrible dialogue, miserable visual effects and cinematic sequences that just don’t make any sense. However, over the course of 14 years, hundreds of fans flock to theatres nationwide to experience this cult classic. In fact, viewing The Room with friends was one of the first memorable nights I had in college. It brings people together, but also raises many questions: how did this get made? And who the hell really is Tommy Wiseau, the mysterious man who wrote, directed, produced AND starred in the film?

Fear not, James Franco is here to (kind of) answer these questions in The Disaster Artist. The Disaster Artist is based on the best selling tell-all by Greg Sestero, who starred alongside Wiseau in The Room. The Disaster Artist follows the creative process of Hollywood outsiders, Wiseau and Sestero, on their journey against all odds to make their dreams come true.

The Disaster Artist is absurd, honest and will have you smiling the entire time. Although the film documents every ridiculous milestone during the making of The Room, the film celebrates friendship.  I do not think you could have cast two better actors to capture this friendship but the Franco brothers. Their chemistry was undeniably dynamic and truly touching. 

But if anything is to be applauded about The Disaster Artist is James Franco. Franco, who not only stars as Wiseau but also directs the film, is brilliant capturing Wiseau’s eccentric tendencies, odd mannerisms, mastering an accent from…well, nobody knows where. Although Franco looks and sounds just like Wiseau, he truly brought out Wiseau’s determination and heart. Although we all know how the film will end for Wiseau, you cannot help but root him on through ever catastrophic take.  

Final Thoughts: The Disaster Artist is a hilarious reminder to never give up on your dreams while honoring the disaster-piece that is The Room

And DEFINITELY, make sure to take in a viewing of The Room before viewing The Disaster Artist. You will have a much greater appreciation for this story.

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