Jordan Peele’s “Nope” is a huge YUP.

Acclaimed Academy Award-winning director, Jordan Peele, returns to the screen with his latest terror, Nope.

Nope is an ambitious spectacle following the Haywood siblings (Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer) as they set their sights on capturing a mysterious alien force affecting their small Californian town on camera.

This is your warning that there are mild spoilers ahead, but, to put it plainly, Nope is a YUP.

Nope is a departure from Peele’s previous projects, further proving his mastery in storytelling. Nope is a gutsy, larger than life, science fiction spectacle. It’s a summer blockbuster (you can tell Peele had the budget for it) with smarts, and it’s one hell of a journey.

For those of you looking to be scared, the overall thematics are more far more suspenseful that scary — think Jaws but with aliens. But trust me, they work.

Although the premise is pretty straightforward and the third act is a bit scattered, there is denying Nope’s metaphors for our society’s obsession with spectacle. As someone who tends to whip their camera out for everything, it was eye opening to see how obsessed we are with capturing life’s most horrifying moments, even if it puts us in danger. Sure, the statements are not be as impactful as Get Out or Up, but it still will hit you.

Kaluuya (who is basically Peele’s muse at this point) does a great job as the protagonist. He can tell you everything with just his eyes, and holds such power on the screen even in silence. However, it’s Palmer who steals the show with a charismatic and entertaining performance. Plus, don’t we need more Keke Palmer in our lives?

Nope is a YUP for me even if it was not as strong as his previous works. However, Nope is even more of a HELL YES for Jordan Peele, who continues to push the envelope with innovative original ideas.

Please keep doing what you’re doing Mr. Peele.

Final Thoughts: YUP.

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